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Sales Training.

Basic Training

Kolt Curry, Et al

In these lessons you will learn the basic principles of selling and influence. There is a lot of information most training manuals do not offer you; instead, they waste your time with rigid, old, and tired formulas they expect you to follow without question. 

We are not here to waste your time, or to sell you poorly written scripts that simply DO NOT work in the real world. The live-moment is unscripted, and while you do need to respect the science behind the main principles of influence, the goal is to teach you to adapt to the fluid world of human experience. 


Inspired Businesswoman

The Oxford dictionary offers three main definitions for selling, the first of which is to give or hand over something in exchange for money. 


For this project, however, we will focus on the second definition offered by the dictionary, which is to persuade someone of the merits of something.

The goal, as stated before, is to teach you to sell yourself or your brand, so that selling your products and services become a natural part of life. 

Sales Training