A Poem Written in Unconsciousness

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A poem about a series of dreams leading to profound realisations - to a symbolic awakening.  It is, as mentioned in book 1 of The 8-13 Project, a cue to return to a state of control and power. It is about self-acceptance and the ability to see ourselves as we indeed are.

This sequence of dreams led to the realisation that I was not living the way I had to live to achieve my goals and aspirations, and that I was not living the way I knew how.  It hastened a significant change in perception and therefore, in behaviour. 

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"Whence it comes, I do not know
Its allure so soft and sweet
How it moves me, how I flow
When we dance there where we meet.

Of a thousand things unseen
'Twas its kiss that brought élan
To destroy what might have been
To rebuild a broken man."