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Peyton Dracco has studied the art and science of communication, reading body language and much more, which allows him to understand sales through a different perspective. 

After years of assisting businesses to grow through the power of real Sales knowledge, communication and persuasion, this duo took on a team of disciples to teach them everything they know. As expected, these disciples are now mentors in their own right. 

We aren’t here to show you a [rented] Lamborghini, fake houses or to tell you that everyone else is wrong. We are here to show you our resumes, paycheques, and let you be the judge of our knowledge by taking it to the field.

We want all of our students to be their own boss, work on their own terms and make the money they want to make by creating the best sales reps possible.

About The Project

Why us?

By Xander Ellis, Principal Partner

Here at New Age Techniques, our team has been trained, Programmed and provided with some of the best knowledge in the sale industry. We understand any company can say they have the leading-edge experience, but once again: Why Us? Our top sales rep Kolt Curry has produced Millions if not Billions of dollars for many different industries throughout the past twenty-five-plus years. Kolt went from living on the streets of Toronto at 18 years old to flying across seas at the age of 24 with a 7 figure Salary. He is not only a sales monster but has now become a sales mentor, who with the help of Peyton Dracco, has now created the perfect system. 

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