Definition of halcyon

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1a: characterized by happiness, great success, and prosperity : GOLDEN —often used to describe an idyllic time in the past that is remembered as better than today.





Mission Statement

A fellowship dedicated to equality of opportunity for all its members, and society at large. We believe that success is predicated upon access to essential resources and the knowledge that those resources are certainly available.

What is

The Halcyon Group?

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The group is, as stated in its mission statement, dedicated to providing resources to its members, and by extension to society. We believe that by making a critical number of individuals stronger or by turning them into assets to the people around them, we can benefit our social circles.


This idea works on the premise that our membership is composed of people seeking and offering resources. These resources come in the form of products and services.  “Products” can be defined as any tangible object provided to a member (or individual) to assist in the achievement of an outcome. “Services”, on the other hand, can be any intangible provided to a member or individual with the same intention.


However, limiting the group to the simplicity of the definitions provided here is to undermine the reach of its power and influence. If the goal is to create ideal assets for society, we must understand that the needs of individuals are often complex.

Membership acquisition


The cost of the basic membership is $500 per year.


Members are invited to join the fellowship by an existing member, invitations are up to the discretion of the member providing them, and however, the leadership of the organisation reserves the right to accept or decline any invitation.

For an invitation to be considered valid, a hand-written letter presenting the reasons or merits of the invitee, and outlining why they should be accepted into the organisation will be submitted to the inviter and subsequently to the leadership. Payment shall be included along with the consideration letter. 

Should the invitation be refused, all money will be returned to invitee. 

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